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was proposed for deletion. This page is an archive of the discussion about the proposed deletion. This page is no longer live. Further comments should be made on the article's talk page rather than here so that this page is preserved as an historic record. The result of the debate was

Not-notable entertainment studio apparently still working on its first project. Claims to be notable because it is "the world?s first recognized Spiritual Warfare Anime Studio" (recognized by whom?) and it is "taking on the infamous dark world of anime and manga head on". What they look like instead is an American fan-circle that has learned to draw in a vaguely DBZ-ish style and has grandiose plans to become notable, just like every garage band that posts an article on themselves here. -- Antaeus Feldspar 21:07, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC) Delete. Agree w/ Feldspar. In addition, the notion of "Spiritual Warfare Anime Studio" is contrived. --Huge colin 21:31, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)

  • Delete. Just some kids who plan to make a cartoon (or a comic: they refer to their project as an "anime book", which is kind of nonsensical). Every comic currently active on Keenspace is more notable than this. Gwalla | Talk 04:36, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Keep. 05:26, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)

(Please note, before taking this vote at face value, that it is part of's quite blatant and juvenile harassment campaign where he goes so far as to unfix things for no better reason than that I fixed them.) -- Antaeus Feldspar 07:01, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. Not notable. They may be notable someday, but certainly not now. --Improv 15:33, 29 Oct 2004 (UTC)